The American College of Tactical Medicine is dedicated to advancing the level of care and ensuring that all individuals involved in a law-enforcement action receive the best care possible.

Training Programs

  • Fellowship training programs.  These are designed to prepare the physician to successfully complete the Board examination.  Additionally, they have been developed to give the physician a unique and excellent understanding of the tactical environment as well as preparing him or her for medical directorship of a large, law enforcement agency.


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Formed in 2007, the American Board of Tactical Medicine is dedicated to supporting the various disciplines that play a role in providing this important mission through education, training and advocacy.  We recognize that physicians will come from various disciplines and believe in the inclusive nature of this subspecialty.  In addition, we welcome EMT/EMT-Ps, Nurses, Mid-Level providers, Law-Enforcement officers, Firefighters and others who believe that those who support & hold together the fabric of civilization deserve the best support that we can provide.  To that end, we support excellence and will seek to support those who are providing this in education and in practice.  We believe in the physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellness concept.

Regular Training Programs

  • The following have been approved by the California Commission on POST, California EMSA and US DHS:
  • ISTM:   Designed as an 80-hour stand alone course for the TMP
  • FBI LA:  Designed as a 40-hour alternate TMP course for a medical operator who has already completed a Basic SWAT school
  • LA County Sheriff has a course approved as a 40-hour adjunct to the Basic SWAT school.
  • There are other courses currently in various phases of development and approval