American Board of Tactical Medicine Member Tested and Recommended

9mm Fat Burn Formula:  MSRP 34.95 for 30 doses (60 Capsules/bottle)

The SWAT Fuel 9mm Fat Burn Formula was developed to help law enforcement and military operators maintain their ideal combat weight and assure that when they PT, they get the maximal weight loss if weight management is the issue. They combined a thermogenic fat burner with an energy formula and a preworkout. They made it in pill form for weight issues and size. It’s more convenient to take this way and the pharmacokinetics are superior to liquid formulas. Unlike many other fat burn formulas or preworkout formulas, they don’t make the operator shaky, so they can safely be used for training without any sacrifice if a combat situation should arise. The test group they used was a cohort of Navy Seals, Force Recon Marines, Air Force PJ’s, Airborne Rangers and SWAT Police Officers. Their feedback created the necessary adjustments needed to make this product effective.

The SWAT Fuel 9mm Fat Burn Formula works as advertised and really does help the operator reach their goals for weight management.  9mm+P Fat Burn Formula is smart-dosed at 1 capsule per 120lbs body mass.

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