American Board of Tactical Medicine Member Tested and Recommended

9mm+P Endurance Formula: MSRP 39.95 for 30 doses (60 Capsules/bottle)

The 9mm+P Endurance Formula was developed to give law enforcement and military operators extra endurance and stamina with enhanced mental focus. The test group they again used was a cohort of Navy Seals, Force Recon Marines, Air Force PJ’s, Airborne Rangers and SWAT Police Officers. Their feedback created the necessary adjustments needed to make this product effective.

The use of caffeine, vitamins, herbs and bitter orange extract creates 5-8 hours of enhanced performance. With the stimulant effect of synephrine from bitter orange extract, the supplement has an Adderall effect, though, much milder. It seems to at least subjectively enhance reaction times and does not sacrifice fine motor skills. There also will clearly be a protective effect against parasympathetic backlash after a deadly force encounter based on sustained catecholamine like stimulation from the caffeine and synephrine.

On a more practical level, the 9mm+P Endurance Formula helps you stay awake when you’re 10-8, helps you PT and meet your goal as well as break into higher levels of conditioning. 9mm+P Endurance Formula is smart-dosed at 1 capsule per 120lbs body mass.

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