American Board of Tactical Medicine Member Tested and Recommended

40 Caliber Multivitamin: MSRP 49.95 for 90 doses (90 Capsules/bottle)

The SWAT Fuel 40 Caliber Multivitamin is designed to enhance the nutrients in the food that the operator is eating. It contains B vitamins, 1 Gram of Vitamin C, 3000 units of Vitamin D and other essential vitamins for those who are stressing their bodies and doing physical training. Whereas this will benefit just about anyone teen or older, it really shines with operators due to the fact that they are pushing their bodies and the vitamins and minerals in this formula will help maintain health and aid in repair of the body.

This is a dietary supplement and typically is dosed one tablet 3 times daily. Typically taken breakfast, lunchtime and dinnertime. You can add a 4th tablet at bedtime if you wish.  Vitamins are not rocket science. They work by making it easier for you to get the nutrients your body needs. This multivitamin is a pharmaceutical grade professional stress dose multivitamin. Combine the SWAT Fuel 40 Caliber Multivitamin with a good, sound diet and you should really see the benefits.

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